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We’re a phenomenon in a crowded marketplace – a creative collective that employs only pros with years of experience in direct marketing, creativity and IT.


We don’t employ enthusiasts who work in a world of templates.


It works for our Clients every time. 


All our services are available on an ad hoc or interim management basis.


Our quotations mean just that – we do not give prices to secure assignments – our experience guarantees yours.

Some of our current and recent projects

OenoFuture Wine Investment
Natural health products
Online personal coaching
Wellbeing conference
Sporting Scholarships USA
University space planning
Holiday rentals
Management consultancy
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Health products
Financial Services
Natural Health for Dogs
Cartoon strip
Hemp Flowers and oils
Screen Shot 2018-10-20 at 06.54.24
Fashion handbags and accessories
Accountants and Tax Advisors
Essential oils and gels
PGA Golf pro

Clients we've made a difference for...

American Express | Apollo Leisure Group | ASDA WalMart | Barclaycard |  BellaBarista | BestBuys | Binleys Leisure Group | Blink OMS | Bo'ness Iron Company | BRDC (British Grand Prix) | British Airways | Brush Academy | Brush Electrical | The Complementary Medical Association | CPB Projects | Christophe Gredin | CrosDay Productions | CBDHempweed | DHL Home Furnishings | Dorada Engineering | Esso | The Football Association | Freedom Health, Australia | Gaynor Solly Art | Golden Horse Equestrian | Granada TV | Green Flag | Greetham Valley GC | Greyhead Associates, Toronto | Griggs Group (Dr Martens) | Hawley Goodall | Health Buzz | Health Wellness Depot, Vancouver | Homebase | HP (Hewlett Packard) | HSBC | IBM UK & South Africa | Hygenix | John S Ward & Co | JW Golf Services  |  Lisa Murphy Music | Live Well Health & Beauty  | Lloyds of London | Lloyds Pharmacy | Love My Soul | MasterCard, UK & Switzerland | Mastercare | MaxPlusGlobal | Jackie McMahon Construction and Cost Consultancy | Media Syndications Group, New York | MedicInfo, Netherlands | Midland Marine Bank, New York | Mobbs Miller |  MonAmi Software, Toronto | Natural Dog Care | Natures Naturals | NatWest | Nene Court Retail Park | | New Zealand Biolabs | NHS Direct | Not So Fast | Nurture Learning UK | OenoFuture | Oeno Investment | Origami Films |  Osprey Software, USA | Pegasus Software | Philips, Eindhoven & UK | PS Group | Perkins Services | Rationale 1 | Red 8 Gallery | Scotts of Thrapston | Sheira Neumann Yoga | Shop'n'Save | Silver Street London | SPAYSE | Sporting Scholarships USA | SPro Entertainment | Spro Events | Strathon Park Financial | Superhouse Group | Tertec Industries, Toronto| Tetra Software | The Doerr Group |The Healing Hut UK | The Quakers | The Lighting Emporium l The Wellness Conference | Total Wellbeing | Towability | Unknown Warriors Pod | Urekar | Vantage Pharmacy | Visa | Vodafone | Wellness Medicine | Wellbred Design | West Cove Looe | Wicksteed Engineering Group | W H Smith | Whole Tea Company | Wisden's Secret | Wrinkly Rockers Club

What Clients say about Se7en

"Se7en are very much our trusted advisors in marketing and have worked closely with us to re-design our corporate identity and website. They have displayed an innate understanding of the needs of small and growing businesses and have taken the time to understand our business in depth. Bill is a delight to work with: he is challenging when necessary and thoughtful in helping to overcome resistance to change.  Creatively, Se7en deliver concepts, designs and materials which far exceed our expectations.

In many ways, I wish I had met Bill sooner; our marketing budget would have been far more wisely invested with him from the outset."

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Bryan Thomas, Managing Director, CPB Projects, Leicester


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